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Summer may be over, but protecting your skin from harmful rays and heat damage isn’t. While most of us appreciate a skin-kissed glow and natural dewy complexion, the right skincare routine can maintain all the best parts of summer beauty while preserving your skin's natural vitality all year-round.



1. Downsize your routine

During the warmer months, less is more. On top of all the natural elements skin faces, heavy makeup and over-use of product can limit the skin’s ability to breathe and self-moderate. To counter these effects, try eliminating a few unnecessary products from your routine or even limiting makeup on certain days of the week. This will give your skin a chance to reboot and is a great opportunity to get more comfortable with your natural look.


2. Hydrate from the outside in

After a day outdoors, chances are you feel in desperate need of a shower. Just like we wash dirt and grime from the rest of our bodies, our faces need the same kind of attention.

Toners are everywhere today—CVS to your local organic coop. Not to be confused for cleansers, toners work to restore the skin's natural PH and remove materials that can restrict pores. Like any other product you use on your precious mug, not all products are made alike. To prevent dryness or throwing off your PH further, avoid products with a surplus of alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, or artificial fragrances. The 20East Rose Water Facial Tonic, for example, is made from 100% natural ingredients, working organically to hydrate and purify your skin.

3. Cover up

Even if you don't abide by the “apply, apply, apply” mentality, you probably know you should. On top of a good sun hat and coverup, sunscreen keeps us all in the sun’s good graces, no matter what the time of year.

Not surprisingly, research has found that synthetic UV blocking chemicals, such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate (Octylmethoxycinnamate) found in common sunscreens, can negatively impact both the reproductive and hormone centers of the body. And, in recent years, sunscreens have also been shown to harm reef health. In fact, as of now, “no sunscreen has been deemed to be completely ‘reef-friendly’”.

The good news? Titanium oxide or zinc oxide, naturally occurring sun blockers, have been shown to protect skin and have not been found to harm reef life. So in the spirit of a better earth and healthier skin, here are a few of our favorite UV products:


Badger Balm Clear Zinc Sunscreen  

All Good Sport Sunscreen Spray

Kiss My Face Organic Mineral Face Sunscreen

To see if your current sunscreen is up to par, check out EWG’s comprehensive evaluations.


4. Exfoliate (in moderation)

While it’s true that over-exfoliating during hotter months can make skin more vulnerable to the sun, in moderation, it can help clear sweat, dirt, and other pore-blocking materiales. During warmer times of the year, try not to exfoliate anymore than once every 10 days. Unlike winter months, the skin just doesn’t need the same stripping as it does when temperatures are more dry and cool. Using a gentle exfoliant, like the 20East Rose Clay Rice Polish, can gently remove debris from the face and avoid artificial ingredients that may irritate the skin’s surface.  

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